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Celebrating Dad

Whether you live your live and let you children watch your example with the instruction to follow or teaching them about taxes by eating 38% of their ice cream, fatherhood is an ongoing joy like Liam Neeson once said.

He is dad, pops, papa. While he may not win any awards for his ability to hold a long phone conversation, he could totally win something for his overall awesomeness as a dad. Maybe he’s the dad who spent every weekend on the field with you, coaching you and cheering you on. Or perhaps he’s the dad who taught you how to fish or introduced you to a world of incredible music. Either way, he probably knows how to make you laugh like no one else and can also drop the perfect advice at just the right time. If you’re a parent now yourself, you know just how much Dad put up with over the years.

A bit of Research:

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in the United states did research on the importance of being an involved father.

Out of 20,000 essays by school-age kids about what their father meant to them, there was a common theme. Whether their father lived in the home or not, they all wanted time with their father.

Research were done under 3,928 fathers aged 15 to 44 about their parental involvement looking at four specific areas of involvement-eating meals with children, bathing and diapering or dressing, playing and reading with children.

Father involvement has been proven to positively affect child’s well-being in many areas, including increasing chances of academic success and reducing chances of delinquency and substance abuse.

Whether you live in the home with your child or not, don’t deceive yourself about your impact on their lives.

Discover the joy of being a father by being involved.

The gift of being a father should be celebrated daily but especially on Father’s Day.

Father - A daughter's first love

A bit of history:

Sonora Louise Smart Dodd first brought up the idea of a Father’s Day in 1909. She wanted a special day to honour her father.

Sonora's mother died at the birth of her sixths baby and her father William Smart was left to raise the new born and five other children by himself.

As an adult, Sonora realized how strong and unselfish her dad had been raising his kids as a single parent.

The first Father's Day celebration took place on June 19, 1910

A bit of sharing the joys of Fatherhood

The first time they really laugh at one of your jokes – like a real, inside joke. That’s the best.”

-Bob, 42, father of two

“When you see something, they’ve been struggling with all of a sudden click, like riding a two-wheeled bike, multiplication tables, etc. The light goes on and they never look back.”

-John Paul, 45, father of four

“The biggest surprise I have had being a father is seeing how different my children are from each other and from us as parents. It’s also what I enjoy most – watching them establish their own personalities and become who they are.”

-Mike, 38, father of three

Now it’s your turn to thank him for all he’s done.

Father’s Day is celebrated on 16 June 2019 to honour dads, grandfathers, stepdads and all men who act as a father figure.

Why E3?

Combine the joys, outcome of research and history and celebrate 16 June 2019 with E 3 Silicone rings

At E 3 we believe to Show commitment, dedication and loyalty in ALL you do, and to do that with the right accessories. Father’s Day gifts can vary from another pair of socks to the most expensive fitness watch. Personalise his experience and buy him a E3 ring to as constant reminder of his commitment as a father. Daddy can wear his commitment to you anywhere every day. Maybe he is the only superhero you will ever meet. Customize his ring with the logo of his favourite superhero or a bible verse.  

Happy Father’s Day!


"The quality of a father can be seen in the goals, dreams and aspirations he sets not only for himself, but for his family" - Reed Markham
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