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Personalize your E3 Silicone Ring

E3 Custom Silicone Wedding Rings

Your E3 Silicone wedding ring is your alternative wedding ring, which shows COMMITMENT.

Why not take it one step further and make it REALLY  your own. It is YOUR ring, so YOUR personal touch!

What Personalization Options are Available?

On every silicone product page, where you select your Colour and your Size, you have the option to select "PERSONALIZE YOUR RING?"


1. Personalized Text on Outside: With this option, you need to select your Font of choice and you can add your own text on the outside of your ring with a preview

2. Personalized text on Inside: With this option, choose your font and enter your personal text on the inside of your ring.

3. Logo on Outside: With this option you can choose an available logo from the list to add on the outside of your ring only.

4. Completely personal : With this option you can personalize your ring completely with your own design. For this option you need to contact us on email to confirm we will be able to assist you.


1. Remember your ring is either 9 mm or 6mm in width, so we can only personalize to a certain extent before it is too small to see. 

2. The amount of letters are limited to 15, but we can increase this limit for you. The size of the ring will determine your outside circumference. If you need a long phrase on your ring, chances are that the text will go all around your ring to ensure everything fits on the space available.

3. On the personalization page, we give you a visual idea of what it can look like. Please note that the size and color of personalization is only for illustrative purposes. The text and logo will be the same colour as the colour of the ring.

4. To completely personalize with your own design, the cost will vary depending on the amount of time required to produce the work. For designs that are already in the right format, the cost will almost be the same as the other options, but if the artwork is very pixelated, the cost to personalized will be more. For this reason we only accept personal artwork via email.

Why is Text on the Inside or Logo on Outside only available on some?

The Double Debossed range has two lines on the outside, which will not look great with any personalization on the outside. But, if you still want to personalize your Double Debossed ring on the outside, we will consider your design via email.

The E3 Nano range has a unique "breathing" pattern on the inside, which for the same reason limits personalization on the inside.

How long will it take to Personalize my Ring?

To personalize your E3 Silicone ring is a delicate process and we make sure that it is 100% correct before we send it you. 

From the day the payment is cleared and artwork is approved (only in case of custom artwork), your personalized ring will be ready within 3 to 5 working days. 

In principal we always prioritise our customers need and we will in most cases have your product ready within 2 days.

If you have an urgent request, please contact us (phone or email) at to arrange special requirements.

E3 Custom

This is an example of how we personalized a unique fingerprint on the outside of a ring.

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