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Are you tired of tying up your shoes during intense workouts or demanding athletic events? Would you like to improve your performance on the field, or are you having trouble teaching your kids how to tie their shoes and looking for a fast, simple solution? If you answered yes, then we have the perfect SOLUTION!

Our E3 Elastic Laces  are designed to be used in marathons or triathlons, when running shoes need to be quickly slipped on and off. It is also handy for everyday use, providing a tidier look to your shoes.

The E3 Laces are designed to provide a secure, comfortable, supported fit for your foot, by distributing the support of the elastic laces over your entire foot, for a complete custom fit.

Our E3 fastening system makes it easier than ever to dial up your tension before a run or sporting event and loosen up to give your feet some space to breathe afterwards. Simply press down on the lock device to open up the passages and slide to tighten or loosen.  That’s it – no more double (or triple) knots!

Turn any lace up shoe into a secure slip on. Easy to use, extremely comfortable and come in a variety of fun, cool colours. Guaranteed to provide:

    • Extra comfort and support.
    • E3 Laces conform to your feet for better comfort and support versus traditional shoe laces.
    • E3 laces also reduces pressure points at the top of your foot to give your feet a better feel throughout the day, allowing you to perform at your best.
    • Package contains: 2 Lock piece, 2 End connector and 2 laces suitable for lacing 1 pair of shoes
    • 100 cm in length and can stretch up to 160cm
    • 25cm in diameter
    • 7-strand fibres
    • Colors : White, Black, Red, Blue and Yellow
    • Red, Blue and Yellow Laces are reflective, which makes it ideal for night running
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    PS: Please make sure you measure your rings size correct (use a piece of TOOTH FLOSS)

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